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MODIS4NACP - MODIS Archive and Distribution System for NACP


MODIS-for-NACP 03.13.08

Issue concerning VI Phenology Products:

  • MOD09A1P_NDVI 500m gap-filled NDVI Phenology
  • MOD09A1Q_NDVI 250m gap-filled NDVI Phenology
  • MOD09A1P_EVI 500m gap-filled EVI Phenology
  • MOD09A1Q_EVI 250m gap-filled EVI Phenology

PLEASE NOTE: We found an issue with how snow-covered pixels are handled in all MODIS-for-NACP VI Phenology products at latitudes higher than 37.5 N. The problem is that the appearance and disappearance of snow are identified as plant phenology. Therefore, earlier greenup dates and later browndown dates are reported. The detected growing season is reported as longer than the actual growing season.

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