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C5 VI Products Available 01.15.09

Collection 5 reprocessing complete for MODIS-for-NACP VI products.

We now have available both 250m and 500m 8-day EVI and NDVI products for years 2001 through end of 2007. Year 2000 will be available shortly (by end of January).

The primary difference between MODIS-for-NACP C4 and C5 are:

  • We use collection 5 MODIS products as inputs
  • In C5, Snow-covered pixels are replaced with the nearest snow-free value, while in C4, Snow-covered pixels are set to 0 before fitting Gauss curve
  • We use TIMESAT 2.3 (the latest version) in C5, while C4 used TIMESAT 2.2.

NOTE: Browse images are still being processed, so not all images show up on the web site yet, but data are still available.

We are still working on C5 LAI code. We expect to have reprocessing done by the end of January.

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