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06.11.14 - MODIS-for-NACP Web Site

PLEASE NOTE:The dynamic content of this site is no longer being maintained.
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06.01.11 - Paper Published
Bin Tan's paper has been published in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Earth Observations and Remote Sensing.
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03.23.09 - Paper Published
Joanne Nightingale's paper has been published in International Journal of Remote Sensing.
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01.15.09 - C5 VI Products Available
Collection 5 reprocessing complete for MODIS-for-NACP VI products.
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03.13.08 - MODIS-for-NACP
Issue concerning VI Phenology Products:

  • MOD09A1P_NDVI 500m gap-filled NDVI Phenology
  • MOD09A1Q_NDVI 250m gap-filled NDVI Phenology
  • MOD09A1P_EVI 500m gap-filled EVI Phenology
  • MOD09A1Q_EVI 250m gap-filled EVI Phenology

PLEASE NOTE: We found an issue with how snow-covered pixels are handled in all MODIS-for-NACP VI Phenology products at latitudes higher than 37.
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01.18.08 - Paper Published
Feng Gao's paper has been published in IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters.
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12.19.07 - MODIS-for-NACP
Reprocessed all MOD15A2GFS and MOD15A2PHN products for years 2000 through 2005 to address the following issues.
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09.04.07 - MODIS-for-NACP
MOD15GFS 1km smoothed, gap-filled LAI/FPAR and MOD15PHN 1km smoothed, gap-filled LAI/FPAR Phenology products are now available for years 2000 through 2005.
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