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MODIS4NACP - MODIS Archive and Distribution System for NACP

Welcome to MODIS-for-NACP! The mission of MODIS-for-NACP is to provide quick and easy access to MODIS land and atmosphere data products specially processed for NACP models. This work is funded by NASA's Advancing Collaborative Connections for Earth-Sun System Science (ACCESS) program and described in the project proposal.

Data and Images
The smoothed, gap-filled products constructed during this project are now available through http://ladsweb.nascom.nasa.gov, and are described in publications in our Project document area:

Please cite the appropriate reference if you include MODIS-for-NACP data in your own research.

Also, check out our Google Earth Animation

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06.11.14 - MODIS-for-NACP Web Site

PLEASE NOTE:The dynamic content of this site is no longer being maintained.
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06.01.11 - Paper Published
Bin Tan's paper has been published in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Earth Observations and Remote Sensing.
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03.23.09 - Paper Published
Joanne Nightingale's paper has been published in International Journal of Remote Sensing.
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01.15.09 - C5 VI Products Available
Collection 5 reprocessing complete for MODIS-for-NACP VI products.
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01.18.08 - Paper Published
Feng Gao's paper has been published in IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters.
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12.19.07 - MODIS-for-NACP
Reprocessed all MOD15A2GFS and MOD15A2PHN products for years 2000 through 2005 to address the following issues.
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09.04.07 - MODIS-for-NACP
MOD15GFS 1km smoothed, gap-filled LAI/FPAR and MOD15PHN 1km smoothed, gap-filled LAI/FPAR Phenology products are now available for years 2000 through 2005.
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